Paola Castro Qualified Yoga Teacher

Meet Paola, AKA The Pow Pow!

Paola is a dedicated yoga teacher with a passion for connecting people of all ages through movement, meditation, and community. With a background in Communication Sciences and Creative Art Industries, Paola sees yoga as the art of connecting with mind, body, and the higher self.

In 2018, Paola completed her first yoga training, blending traditional yoga philosophy with innovative biomedical principles. Since then, she has delved deeper into neuroscience, neuroplasticity, yoga therapy (specifically for trauma), restorative yoga, and Kids and Teens Yoga. Recently, Paola achieved Level 1 certification as a Zenthai Shiatsu facilitator, further expanding her holistic approach to wellness.

“As a yoga teacher I love building relationships with people in the yoga community to design a handcrafted practice that serves them, I love crafting creative and empowering sequences to challenge the mind and the body, while connecting with the essence of the self.”

Paola’s fascination with the body’s ability to express emotions and ideas fuels her curiosity about the potential of the brain. While she has previously focused on sharing strong practices with creative sequences, Paola has recently found a new love for gentle and restorative practices that ground and calm.