Why move with us?

Hot Yoga offers the same benefits as the ancient practice of traditional yoga; stress reduction, more energy, brighter mood, connection with a like-minded community, improved strength, and flexibility. But, with the Far Infrared heat turned up, your heart, lungs, and muscles are greeted with an even greater, more intense workout leading to a fitter, stronger and happier you.

An efficient burn

Infrared heat helps your body metabolise more effectively. Consistency is key and the best thing about hot yoga at Pilgrim is that the process is fun!


The comfort of a hot Far Infrared workout, helps relax your mind, body and lowers your stress hormones while stimulating your lymphatic system to eliminate the toxins from your body and optimise organ functionality.


Like all muscles, the heart responds to demand. When you are dripping in sweat, your legs are burning and your chest is pounding, you know your heart muscle is also strengthening and burning. Unlike a steam room, your core temperature does not increase. Instead, your body’s own thermoregulation becomes more efficient, further benefitting and promoting heart health.

A strong body

As your body gradually warms up, the blood flow to your limbs will increase immediately and improve flexibility. The warmth relaxes the muscles, allowing your body to move more freely between each pose. A warm body can twist, bend and stretch further, which allows for an internal organ massage. All internal glands, organs, ligaments and muscles will benefit in this heat-based environment.

Flow for blood flow

Infrared therapy very gently increases blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. It also increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it and improving overall function of our body’s major organs. It helps with Chronic Fatigue, Water Retention, Skin Disorders as well as helping to Eliminate Poisons & Carcinogenic Material

A positive mind

The practice of hot yoga pushes your body to its limit and beyond its comfort zone – which is a good thing! As you progress and increase your ability and stamina, you will achieve greater mental health and the obstacles of daily life, off the mat will prove much easier to handle.


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