Inferno Hot Pilates

We think we do Inferno Hot Pilates pretty well! Our IHP is a thrilling full body grounded low impact workout using Pilates principles fused with High Intensity Interval Training. Performed under 27 far infrared heat panels at between 34-38 degrees (although you will be hotter than the room!) this workout will keep your heart rate up delivering a high fat and calorie burn.

IHP HIIT style will increase your fitness without the pounding of a high impact workout. Motivation will not be a problem as you are immersed in our high fidelity bass driven ceiling mounted Bose sound system featuring full studio surround sound loaded with two thumping sub-woofers for rhythm and vibe!

Designed for all fitness levels our classes are run by two legendary professionals Chris Marinko and Merilyn Paterson.


We like it hot and as a hot yoga and Pilates studio we have this covered with a far infrared heating system plus heat recovery ventilation to keep your air fresh but hot.

A heated body has dilated blood vessels stimulating blood flow and the process of sweating with increased blood flow flushes out toxins while allowing a greater range of movement.

Not only will you sleep better but every aspect of your life will be enhanced. For real. Movement plus far infrared heat warms your muscles up, increases your flexibility and reduces the risk of injury to supple muscles with greater movement.

Plus, it also makes you hot.


Pilates works the core specifically and deliberately. Especially some of the deeper core muscles that are impossible to see, but crucial to health and mobility.

Pilgrim Inferno Hot Pilates works deep into the supportive muscles of your frame promoting good spinal health which leads to better movement and mobility.


Yoga is great. We love yoga. We are a yoga studio! However we are also believers in a fully rounded approach to health and wellbeing and a solid Pilates sesh (or 2) incorporated into your weekly routing introduces HIIT and weight training.

The combination of high intensity cardio movements with recovery periods is well documented as the supremo #1 way to burn a lot of calories during class and for the rest of the day!


Pilgrims Inferno Hot Pilates stimulates a massive dump of endorphins into your system. Endorphins are chemical messengers in your body, released by both your central nervous system and your pituitary gland.

Research shows that group exercise may give you an even better endorphin boost. We can testify for this from our own experience.

Our post-inferno members are often seen in our post-inferno rain garden and arrival lounge in a post Inferno Pilates glow, similar to that glow associated with other pleasurable heated physical activities!


Chris applies knowledge and experience in breathwork, remedial massage and health coaching to create an energetic class with a foundational belief in enjoying life and living pain-free into old age.

Chris fell in love with the hot room in 2017 when he discovered Bikram Yoga, he has been an instructor since 2018 and believes that everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and strong.

With a highly motivational approach and an inclusive mindset, Chris offers a class which will rebalance your body, show massive results and start your day with a powerful hit of positivity.


Merilyn is a long serving medic in the Australian Air Force, a long-distance runner, a practiced yogi, an endorphin addict, qualified Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher and Barre Pilates Teacher who takes enormous reward in seeing positive physical and psychological change in her students.

“To guide, motivate and inspire others to be the best they can is an honour; and to have some fun whilst doing is awesome. You can do this, remember, if it’s to be, it’s up to me!” Merilyn