Breath & Ice with Chris & Anna of The Breath Collective

Saturday 14 May | 10:15am – 12:30pm

Join Pilgrim and The Breath Collective in studio and in Fish Lane to experience a natural way to manage stress, combat anxiety, counter depression, increase energy levels, strengthen mindset, improve sleep… and have a ball doing so.

Breath & Ice combines breathwork, ice baths, movement, play and community. The Breath Collective will teach you to incorporate breathwork into your daily life to improve productivity and calm and Pilgrim Passions are on the house!

Chris & Anna from The Breath Collective offer;

  • The science behind Tummo breathwork as made famous by Wim Hoff,
  • Education on cold thermogenesis and the benefits of getting your body into an ice bath,
  • Guidance through breathwork in a safe group setting,
  • An exploration of the boundaries beyond what you thought was possible and a check in to do something you may have thought you never would or could.


Breath & Ice will invoke your inner strength and you will benefit from increased physical and mental resilience.

No prior experience of breathwork or ice baths is needed, this workshop welcomes everyone, from people who are just starting their journey as well as anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about these two potent and powerful modalities.

Breath & Ice is $99. Pilgrim Members $79.

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Breathwork & Ice Exposure are powerful experiential tools for accessing your own inner healing. As this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical sensations in some, it is not recommended for those with certain types of conditions including head injuries, heart conditions, pregnancy, recent surgery, serious mental health, or other physical limitations. If you are unsure, please consult your family doctor.

If you have any concerns about your ability to participate in this event please call Chris from The Breath Collection on 0423 929 767.

Pilgrim's 1st Birthday Extravinyasa!

Friday 27 May to Sunday 29 May (Free classes all weekend!)

It’s our 1st birthday and we’re giving you access to unlimited Pilgrim classes to celebrate! Special Membership and Sign Up Gifts on the day. Free Pilgrim Passions from Kiki. ALL CLASSES FREE ALL WEEKEND – Hot Yoga, Pilates, Dance Sweat, Live DJ Yoga, Live Music & Yin.

Highlights include, Vinyl Vinyasa Live DJ Yoga with Yogini Stef & DJ Nick One, Pilgrim Live DJ Dance Sweat Party with Emily & DJ Nick One, a Saturday morning taste test of our six signature classes, Sunday Roast Extra Hot & Spicy Vinyasa, Reboot & Restore Yin + Live Music with Jackie Marshall & Rob Davidson, free Pilgrim Passion juices from Kiki across the lane, special membership and sign up gifts, and an abundance of good vibes!

We welcome you to discover Pilgrim. These classes will book out so hit hit the link below to reserve your space!

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