Vinyl Vinyasa Live DJ Yoga & Yoga Folklore Experience

Friday 2 September, 6:30-7:45pm

Join Yogini Stef and DJ Nick One for a Vinyl Vinyasa movement experience. Vinyl Vinyasa is a 75 minute deep sweat experience that brings together story, history, movement, dance and an incredibly immersive soundscape, plus ambient lighting that allows you to move in a conscious way exploring the horizons of your body and mind.

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Breath & Ice, Breathwork, Ice Baths and Movement

Saturday 1 October, 10:15am-12:30pm

Breathwork is an ancient practice and now, it is scientifically backed.

Experience a natural way to manage your stress, combat depression and anxiety, increase your energy levels, strengthen your mindset, and improve your sleep.

Breathwork is taking the world by storm as more and more people are experiencing its healing effects.
It’s natural, it’s safe and it really works… for everyone!

Breath & Ice is a dynamic event that combines breathwork, ice baths and movement.
Begin an exciting exploration of your body’s full potential, both mental and physical. You’ll feel good and after this event, you’ll be able to use breathwork daily to improve productivity and calm.

What’s included:
* Learn the TUMMO Breathwork (made famous by Wim Hof) and in a supportive, group setting.
* We cover the scientific evidence of the chemical changes and health benefits brought on by breath & ice.
* Take the plunge, submerge your body in an ice bath and conquer limiting beliefs. Invoke your inner strength and let your body benefit by increasing both physical and mental resilience.

No prior experience of breath or ice is needed, this workshop welcomes everyone, from people who are just starting their journey as well as anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about these two potent and powerful modalities.

Invest in yourself today – we guarantee you will leave this event feeling exhilarated and equipped with some new knowledge and awareness!!

*Participants must be aged 16 and up, not suitable for pregnant women. Please bring swim wear and a towel.

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