Chris Marinko Qualified Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher and Breathwork Facilitator

Inferno Hot Pilates

Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been fascinated by how the human body works. The chemical universe which resides inside of each and every human is something we can learn to explore and grow awareness around. My pilgrimage through this life is closely linked to one simple rule, “Service to self, through service to others”. I strive to better understand others, by increasing my knowledge and understanding of myself, as we are all one and the same.
I have realized that every time I make myself open to learn and explore whatever the day brings, it reminds me to be kind and gentle with myself, which in turn leads me to feel more connected to the people around me. The mind, body and spirit are all activated when we challenge ourselves, and each time I leave the hot room, dripping in sweat, I remember myself a little bit more. It’s in that moment when I want to quit but push through until the end of class, that I can appreciate myself as a dedicated, authentic and hardworking mf.
I am committed to finding my true-self by redefining my beliefs, overcoming limiting conditioning and raising my awareness so that I may experience greater connection, health and live a life which is authentic and full of joy.