Michelle Chan Qualified Yoga Teacher

What is your guilty pleasure?

Peanut Butter is everything. It’s savoury and sweet, you can’t really go wrong!

When I’m not on the mat you’ll find me…

Out in the surf in the beautiful waters of North Stradbroke Island where I spend half my week. Or lounging around with my 2 cats.

In the Animal Kingdom I identify most with…

A turtle – embracing life at a slower pace, being grounded yet also adaptable to the ebb and flow of life.

Growing up as an athlete and having had a career as a pharmacist back home in New Zealand I had quite an obsession to try and climb the rings of the ladder to get to the top. Since stepping away from that and doing a bit of deep diving into what I really need in my life, I find myself enjoying the slower pace and embracing the journey rather than getting to a particular destination.

What is your most memorable yoga experience?

There have been so many, it’s hard to pick just the one! I remember one time in my first 200 hour teacher training, I was laying in sweet sweet savasana and my eyes began to water and pour (no, I wasn’t upset or feeling sad!). The combination of the physical, breath and mental practices shifted something in me to precipitate this great release, a momentous shedding of a part of me – like a snake would shed its skin that no longer fit or served its purpose.

Prior to doing my training, yoga was very physical for me but since that experience, I felt first-hand the potency of the practice that spans beyond lengthening and strengthening muscles, it’s a practice that brings us to experience the essence of who we truly are beneath the layers or costumes we wear!