Kids Yoga Program
with Paola

Yoga for Kids


We are living in a world that often feels busy, fast and overstimulating for a child. Practicing yoga provides an opportunity to find a time to unwind and recharge.

Introducing yoga to kids early on is a great way to teach them techniques for connecting with themselves and improve concentration, mind-body coordination, and self-empowerment. Yoga challenges the physical body as well as calming the mind. It helps to calm kids, showing them how to ground themselves in a world that is often moving way too fast.

Our program offers a playful introduction to yoga with breathing exercises to help kids to slow down and increase their ability to self-regulate and calm the nervous system. Asana poses challenge their bodies and increase their focus with a storytelling approach to boost creativity and have fun while we practice together.

We will include partner yoga and group games to strengthen cooperation, connection, teamwork and friendship.

Pilgrim’s Kids Yoga Program is a beautiful way of learning how to relate to others in a respectful, trusting and open hearted way.


Holiday & Term 4 Dates


Holiday Classes:                                                           9:30am, Tuesday 21st and 28th of September (2 classes)

Term 4 Classes:                                                            3:45pm, Tuesdays starting on 12th of October (10 classes)




Holiday and Term 4 Program – $265 per child (Early Bird Special on Open Day $235, 10% sibling discount)

Program price includes holiday and Term 4 classes (14 classes), yoga mat and water bottle




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