Yuna Ou Qualified Yoga Teacher

What is your guilty pleasure?

It’s Bubble Tea, as I came from a bubble tea country. I will open my own bubble tea shop in the future.

When I’m not on the mat you’ll find me…

In the gym, or with my toes in the sand on the beach or deep in the national park where I can escape the busy city. Except no bubble tea in the national park so you see my problem right?

In the Animal Kingdom I identify most with…

Definitely a dolphin. Dolphins are smart and free and full of spirit. Life in the sea is quiet and peaceful, unless you are a baby whale that has been separated from its mother and being hunted by a pack of Orcas. Dolphins can connect with people. I hope I can become a dolphin in my next life and live in the sea.

What is your most memorable yoga experience?

The most memorable yoga experience is teaching yoga on the island of Bagan in Myanmar and enjoying the sunset. The energy of yoga and nature is incredible. You can sink into inner peace without any background music.