Nica Bautista Qualified Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

What is your guilty pleasure?

Recharging under the sun, preferably on a huge flat rock by the ocean, literally turning into a human lizard while listening to Island reggae jams – most likely stuffing my face with pre-packed snacks at the same time.

When I’m not on the mat you’ll find me…

On the weekends you’ll find me adventuring along the coastlines looking for hidden beaches or going on spontaneous adventures with friends.

During the week, you’ll find me in Newstead working out of a cafe in between teaching classes and Reiki Treatments. Cafe vibes are my favourite! I feel the most creative, inspired and productive in this environment.

In the Animal Kingdom I identify most with…

A Sea Otter! Technically Sea Otters would be the complete opposite to my fiery personality, so the appeal of a Sea Otter is the fact they’re super chilled. They hold hands with their friends while floating on their back eating clams, oysters and mussels! Sounds like bliss.

What is your most memorable yoga experience?

Before I started practicing Yoga, I had this image of what ‘Yoga people’ would do. I was 19 and just joined my local gym and saw they offered Yoga on the timetable. I specifically recall thinking, ‘Great! I can finally try Yoga! I want to eat green beans and ride my bike to the market like Yoga people do!’ (I think I may have been scrolling through too many #fitspo hashtags when Tumblr was still a thing).

I quickly learned there was so much more to Yoga than my environmentally friendly choice of transportation. Nowadays, my most memorable experience is that Yoga has given me a heightened sense of awareness. This awareness has helped me broaden my perspective, adding more depth into my daily life.