Christopher Fenet Qualified Yoga Teacher

Originally from New Caledonia, Chris arrived in Australia in 2014 as a mechanical engineer, and discovered yoga then, first at his local gym and then at a local yoga studio. Yoga quickly became the anchor that helped him balance his busy professional life. Now a Remedial Massage Therapist too, Chris shares his passion for movement and mindfulness.
Life, your very special Pilgrimage: “What life has taught me so far is that there are no defined path. I see life as being a giant puzzle where you have to keep moving pieces in order to move forward – which can sometimes feel like going backwards .

Yoga is continuously giving me tools to figure out how those pieces fit together. It is teaching me to navigate the highs and the lows, to manage expectations and to reconnect to a part of me that the craziness of life often makes me forget”
Connect with Chris on the mat at your favourite warrior, flow and yin classes, as well as appearing as a guest in our delicious Sound Journey events playing the Native American Flute and the Rav Vast.